Photo Gallery of Eastleigh Secondary School, Nairobi, Kenya
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ESS School Buildings and Grounds
Eastleigh Secondary School
Nairobi, Kenya
Photo Gallery of ESS Alumni
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Photo Gallery of Eastleigh Secondary School, Nairobi
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ESS Annual Speech / Prize Giving Day ESS Alumni Reunion (London) - 1996
ESSAthletics Teams ESS Alumni Reunion (London) - 2006
ESS Buildings And Grounds ESS Alumni Reunion (Nairobi) - 2007
ESS Cock and Champion House ESS Alumni Reunion (London) - 2011
ESS Cricket Teams ESS Alumni Reunion (Nairobi) - 2012
ESS Deceased Alumni, Teachers And Headmasters ESS Alumni Reunion (Nairobi) - 2016
ESS Dramatics And Musical Society ESS Alumni Reunion (Toronto) - 2018
ESS Duke Of Edinburgh Award Society ESS Alumni Biennial General Meeting 2019
ESS Football Teams ESS Nairobi Schools' Alumni Reunion 2023
ESS Gymnastic Teams ESS Scouts Troop
ESS Hockey Teams ESS Societies and Clubs
ESS in Newspapers ESS Sports Day
ESS Individuals And Groups ESS Teachers And Headmasters
ESS Photographic Scociety ESS Tennis Teams
ESS Computer Presentation ESS Tours
EHS Pictures ESS Volleyball Teams
EHS Nairobi Trip - 2017 ESS Wrestling Group
EHS Nairobi Trip - 2019 Other Schools Photos
ESS Nairobi Trip - 2012 EHS Principal & Staff
EHS Basketball Opening 2022 ESS Committee
ESS Nairobi Trip - 2022  
ESS Prefects  

Note: We apologise for the poor quality of some group/team photos. These have been scanned from the school magazines. If you have the originals or better quality photos, please send these to us, so that we can improve your website.

If you recognise yourself or any other schoolmates in any of these photographs, please e-mail names of pupils in those clearly specified photographs to

Please send us copies of any photos taken at the School during your time there, or on subsequent visits. E-mail them to

If you do not have access to a scanner, then please send them by post. We will return your photos by recorded delivery. Please e-mail to request postal address details

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